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Flavour & Senses

Picturing one of our favourite classic cocktails, Mojito. From the whiff of fresh mint leaves to the refreshing splash of soda with slight sweetness and citrusy flavours of the lime that lingers in your mouth, Mojito is too cool for the summer.

But did you know, the history of Mojito goes way back to the 1500s, where legend has it that Mojito is first created to cure sick soldiers due to its medicinal benefits. It is made using Aguardiente de Cana, lime, sugarcane juice and mint.

One may wonder, how did we discover the perfect combination of flavours and senses that make the whole drinking Mojito experience a glow up? Firstly, we have to understand the relationship between flavours and senses. Flavours make up the taste in senses, but many of the senses can affect taste as well. For instance, one of the senses that many are familiar with would be how temperature affects the taste of alcohol. Senses such as sight and smell play an important role in enhancing the experience and taste as well. Which is why bartenders pay attention to the presentation of the drinks and the use of garnishes or even a particular technique to ensure that it stimulates the guest’s senses to complement the flavours of the drink. The understanding of flavours and senses is the foundation of appreciating alcohol. However, it is not enough to only familiarise yourself with the five senses.

I would encourage fellow alcohol enthusiasts out there to explore more ingredients and pay more attention to the taste profiles of every ingredient so as to create the taste that you desire. In other words, you need to drink more.

Chris sipping a CAVEMEN Mojito

– Chris

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