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What the Beef!

Grain Fed or Grass Fed.

Quite often at our butchery when we are asked to recommend, one of the questions that we will reply: “Do you prefer grain-fed or grass-fed beef?” Either the answer is a decisive choice, or most often a response “what’s the difference?”

Grass vs Grain Fed
Grain Fed vs Grass Fed

Beef is a mass produced food item and most often are fed on grain. The grain-based feeds consist of soy or corn, and an occasional small amount of grass. This form of controlled feed is administered for the purpose of accelerating growth. The result is a taste and quality profile that is consistent. The color of the meat is brighter and the fat are whiter. There will be marbling throughout due to the content of the feed, and a flavour that is more buttery and sweeter.

NZ Grass Fed Ribeye
New Zealand Silverfern Grass Fed Ribeye at $7.20 per 100g

Grass-fed beef is cattle that wander through pasture foraging on a diet that consists of grass, flowers, herbs and so on. This free-range approach offers the quality of beef that might vary, such as the location of the pasture. For example, pastures that are near the sea will have different nuances in the taste compared to those inland. This free-range approach offers beef with a different flavour and texture profile. One will find the hue of meat fed on grass to be slightly yellow due to the pigment of natural vegetation. Grass fed offers a flavour that is organic in nature, complex with robust beef texture.

Australia Wagyu MB4-5 Grain Fed
Australia Wagyu MB4-5 Ribeye Grain Fed $14.90 per 100g

There is no shortage of information on the research of nutrition, health, environmental and social data in regards to beef of different feeds. Most consumers are more familiar with the taste of grain-fed beef and are used to the consistent buttery and sweet flavour. More discerning and also more health conscious individuals will choose grass-fed for the robust flavour and leaner quality respectively.

Cavemen's Butcher - Ćita Delle

Nonetheless, beef is still one of the best source of protein for muscle building and tissue repair, and essential vitamins and minerals such as Iron and Zinc. You might be what you eat, but it is worth considering you are what your food eats.


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