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Our Grill

Ever wondered what’s the secret behind our juicy burgers, mouth watering, perfectly char-grilled steaks? Introducing the Josper Grill Oven, one of our secrets that leave many coming back for more.

Josper Grill
The Josper Grill at CAVEMEN

Where tradition meets modernisation, Josper is the perfect combination of a traditional open grill with the design of an oven. It’s superior technology has the ability to trap heat and ensure that the meat retains its moisture throughout the grilling process. Unlike ordinary ovens, the Josper enhances the already impeccable tasting beef by adding an extra smokey flavour. Clearly, this isn’t a normal oven, and the quality of the food produced from it is far from normal too.

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In action with the Josper Grill.

Popular and well-loved among Chefs, the Josper is a hybrid grill and oven, which allows the meat to be cooked under controlled temperature. This ensures a stable cooking process with better quality control. The intense heat and charcoal coals produce perfectly charred steaks with tenderness that is second to none. The fats are cooked until it just melts with the slightest pressure. It will definitely rank up as one of best steak experiences ever.

Cave Dive 11_3
Almost ready to be served, medium rare!

Aside from steaks, we also use our Josper Grill Oven to grill beef burgers and smoke our Hokkaido snow beef fat butter. As part of CAVEMEN’s effort to build a sustainable food system, the Hokkaido snow beef fat butter is made using the leftover beef trimmings, which is then rendered for the beef fat. It is then smoked using the Josper Grill Oven. It is best enjoyed with our homemade sourdough bread, one of our popular special dishes.

Steak Served
Steak ready to be served at CAVEMEN.

-Head Chef Jen

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