Bespoke Cocktails

Always in search of interesting concoctions to please your fussy taste buds? Bespoke Cocktails could be the answer to your heart’s desire.

Bespoke Cocktails at Cavemen

With flavors and senses that’s tailor-made for you, you are bound to enjoy a glass (or two) of Bespoke Cocktails. At CAVEMEN, we see the importance of striving for consistency yet provide elements of surprise to keep things fresh – Bespoke Cocktails help to achieve just that. It excites our guests to have something to look forward to during their next visit.

Chris using fresh ingredients for a bespoke.

“To do a good bespoke, you have to build your repertoire (flavor and senses). That means trying lots of different drinks and fruits, and also to explore different bars.”

Concocting his cocktail with precise measurements.

Practice makes perfect. Bartenders practice, on a daily basis, by tasting the ingredients in the bar to build their repertoire. From the fruits, to the spices and liquors, bartenders know the taste of every ingredient at the back of their hand. Exposing yourself to different ingredients would also help spark ideas and inspiration for Bespoke Cocktails.

Adding fresh ginger to enhance flavors of the cocktails.

Many assume that bespoke is about putting together ingredients that complements each other. Truth is, most concoction actually works, and it all comes down to adjusting the proportion. With the right proportions, even unusual concoctions can work.

Muddling the ingredients together to further bring out flavors.

One example of an unassuming combination would be chocolate, cauliflower and lemongrass. Many will not imagine it as the perfect concoction, yet with the right proportions, it can be. This also means the concoctions you can put together for bespoke are pretty much limitless.

Cooling the mixture with a shaker.

“I hope this will inspire more young bloods out there to explore and work on Bespoke Cocktails.”

Handcrafted with care and tailor-made to your taste buds.

– Chris

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