Butchering at Cavemen Part I

When we think of the term “Butcher”, we think of someone who slaughters animals, dresses their flesh, and sells the meat. Furthermore, the workplace would give the impression of animal bodies lined up and stretched out.

Dry Aged Meat

The thoughts were terrifying until I came to Cavemen and had a different perspective, such as the fact that a butcher prepares meat using a variety of methods, including dry aging. Here at Cavemen Butchery, I was taught how to trim, slice, tenderise meat cuts and handle meat with or without bones, among other things. Aside from that, I learned how to do meat packing, weighing, labelling, and pricing. I learned that presentation is crucial, particularly when it comes to meat display, there is a specific way to pack items so that they would appear more appetising and thus, more attractive.

On my first day at Cavemen, I was worried that it would be difficult and that I wouldn’t be able to do a good job because I had no prior experience as a Butcher. The equipment looked terrifying, the knives were razor-sharp and heavier than the knives we normally use at home.  All of my concerns were put to rest because I was fortunate to have Ms. Citadel as my mentor since day one. She was a hands-on mentor who was patient in guiding me, ensuring that I truly understood and know what I am doing, and she was always there to support me.

She showed me how to cut meat the right way, ensuring that the force is applied correctly and that the knife is properly positioned. Ms. Citadel will always remind me to work in a safe environment by being cautious of the knives placed around the working area, particularly when handling the meat slicer because one mistake can result in serious injury.

When it comes to the meat slicer, it is the most dangerous machine we use to cut our cold cut selection which includes the Parma Hams. Did you know that we have Parma hams that are 20-months, 24-months, and 30-months old? The “saltiest” ham is 20-months, followed by the 24-months, and the least salty at 30-months. When it comes to proposing cold cuts to the customers, we must take their preferences into account. For example, we will suggest 30-months Parma Ham to elderly customers, because most of them prefers the less salty variety.

Parma Hams

You’re probably astounded by my current level of understanding and curious as to how I’ve learned so much in such a short period of time (two months). In Part II of Butchering at Cavemen, I’ll share more with you. =)


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