USDA Prime Ribeye 45 Days Dry Aged Infused with Indian Pale Ale Beer

Have you tried our popular Brewerkz Indian Pale Ale (IPA) beer yet? Have you ever wondered how it would taste like when used to infuse and age beef? Imagine the juiciness and tenderness of the meat that is loaded with so much flavour and an after-taste of beer. Doesn’t that sound delicious and interesting?

Let us take you through the whole process of the making.

We are going to use a whole block of USDA prime boneless beef and prepare 2.5 litres of IPA beer in a big tray. Wrap the beef with a cheese cloth then soak it in the beer before placing it in the chiller to brine for 2 weeks. On every other day, we will turn the beef around so that every part of the meat is infused with the flavour of the beer more evenly.

After 2 weeks of brining, we will then proceed to dry-age the meat whereby the meat is being placed in a dry aged chiller where the humidity can be controlled for 45 days. During these 45 days of dry aging, the flavour of the beer will get more and more concentrated and the natural flavour of the beef intensifies.

After 45 days of dry aging, we would take the beef out from the chiller and you will be able to notice that the meat has shrunk from its original size. The block of meat will then become even smaller after trimming. Trimming is the process of cutting away the unwanted parts of the meat. Once trimming is done, a tenderised and delicious block of meat sits on our Butcher’s board.

Now, it is ready to be sliced, cooked and savoured. Be sure to try it out!

*Note that CAVEMEN’s USDA Prime Ribeye 45 Days Dry Aged Infused with Indian Pale Ale Beer is seasonal.


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